&nbsp Fiona Celestine Arabella Coyne is a graduate of degrassi community school. She recently realized she was straight and overcame her drinking. She is best friends with Imogen Moreno and Eli Goldsworthy and Holly J. Sinclair. Her twin brother is Declan Coyne. She recently dropped out of college and is looking for an adventure. She is in a relationship with Peter Stone.


Character HistoryEdit

In I Gotta Good Feeling Part 1, She is lookng for an adventure and friends after Imogen and Eli move to California for Eli`s college. When she goes to the dot she meets a boy named Dallas Santos. But when they are about to sit down she see`s Peter and they bond and decide to go to Little Miss Stakes. When they`re making out, Mia comes up and walks to them and Fiona asks if they`re dating Peter says no and they continue making out.

In Naturally, She is running the Anti-Fants meeting until Maya tells off Clare and leaves.

In Whatever it Takes, she is in the Library when Declan and Holly J. walk in to tell about him transferring to NYU.

She will return in season 14.


  • Peter Stone
    • Start up: [[I Gotta Good Feeling Part 1|I Gotta Good Feeling Part 1
Fiona Coyne

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