I`m All In is the 1st episode of season 13 and the 1st overall. it premied January 22 at 8:00
Im All In
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date January 22 2011
Written by Nlsoccer21
Directed by Nlsoccer21
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I Gotta Good Feeling


Eli Goldsworthy and Imogen Moreno are going off strong but when Eli gets excepted in to a writers college in California, will he go or stay with Imogen? Drew Torres and Bianca Desousa are finnally gonna have sex but when bianca lies about using a pill is bianca pregnet? Clare Edwards and Adam Torres are going on a double date with Alli Bhandari and Dave Turner Guess who shows up and doesnt belive what he see`s.

Main PlotEdit

Imogen wakes up and hears her alarm clock and hears her phone ring,

Caller: Guess who

Imogen: Hi Eli hows my lovely man.

Eli: I have the good news and bad news

Imogen: whats the good news first

Eli: I got accepted into the writers college.

Imogen: Eli thats amazing and whats the bad news

Eli: Its in California

Imogen`s mouth opens and she say`s 'Oh!'

Then the theme song plays

Sub PlotEdit

Clare calls Adam

Adam: Hey Baby

Clare: Hi so i have to ask you something

Adam: what is it?

Clare: Do u wanna go on our first date with me, you, dave, and alli for the last week before school.

Adam: Can Drew and Bianca sit at the same resturant because he has to watch me that whole week.

Clare: Sure i will tell B see you tommorrow cant wait for our first date.

Adam: wait i have to tell you something

Clare: what is it R u breaking up with me

Adam: No. but its bigger than that (he pauses for a moment) My mom is adopting another Transgender.

Clare: Adam thats amazing when does he arrive?

Adam: The day after our date but can i tell you something personal

Clare: Of course you can silly.

Adam: Drew doesnt want another family member.

Clare: Because he`s transgender.

Adam: Yes then we got into a big fight and thats y he has to watch me.

Third PlotEdit

Bianca and drew are kissing on the couch when bianca says if he`s ready he says did you take a pill.

Bianca: of course i did (she was Lying

Drew: then lets do it

'Drew climbs on top 'of her and they have sex

The next day Bianca takes a pregnacy test

Bianca after she found out it said possitive: Holy shit!

Main PlotEdit

Eli and Imogen meet up at the Dot

Imogen: when are you leaving

Eli: next week

Imogen: can i go with you

Eli: i thought you`d never ask

Imogen: Eli so this isnt goodbye

Eli: no but on one condition

Imogen: i would do anything

Eli goes down on one knee and say`s will you marry me

Imogen: of course eli

Peter to the other customers: Give it up for the new happy couple, dudes and dudetts!

Sub PlotEdit

Adam knock on clare`s door, Clare answers the door.

Adam: ready for our date

Clare: Is it okay if jake and jenna come with us

Adam: okay sure it will be fun

They both leave and go to the Dot for their date.

Dave and Alli: Hey guys

Adam and Clare: where is Jenna and jake.

Alli: i think thats him and jenna over there

Clare and Alli: Hey Guys

Jake: i thought we were gonna carpool the four of us

Jenna: why dont we just go on in i reserved us a spot.

Alli: thanks jenna

All 6 of them go inside and find their booth

When adam sits down he tap`s clare

Adam: is that fitz

Clare: OMG

Fitz waves at them but looks shocked at them holding hands.

Third PlotEdit

Bianca goes to a doctor

Doctor: well there is definitely something in there

Bianca: so it was right

Doctor: were gonna take some tests and says sit tight.

'Bianca calls I'mogen

Imogen: hello

Bianca: im pregnet

Imogen: OMG i am so suprised but i have to go i`ll see you soon

Doctor: We`ve got the tests back

Bianca: and

Doctor: your pregnet

Bianca: OMG this is really happening

Sub PlotEdit

Fitz walks over to clare and adam

Fitz: you two are dating

Adam: yea we r so back off buddy (adam stands up)

fitz: i didnt know you two were lesbo (he chuckles)

Adam pushes fitz into the wall

Clare: No adam stop hes gonna hurt you

Fitz: you heard the fine lady you dont stand a chance against me (he slams adam and adam hits his head) Jake gets out of the booth and puches him in the face.

Jenna: be careful jake

Clare: adam speak to me please adam wake up

adam opens his eyes and see`s fitz fighting eli who happens to be there with imogen

Eli: your not welcome hear

Fits smashes eli into the table and passes out imogen calls 911 and adam and eli are taken to the hospital.

Fitz says he will be back and will get them when they least expect it.

Main and Sub plotsEdit

Clare: r u 2 okay

Adam: can we just go home

Eli: hey guys you know my Fiancee imogen

Clare and jenna and alli: fiancee

Imogen: Hi guys eli lets go home and i`ll pack for you and you can rest.

The 2 leave and go to Eli`s house

Clare: adam i`ll get you home and make you some soup

Alli and Dave: were coming to

Adam: thanks guys ugggg it hurts can we go now

Jenna and Jake: feel better

Alli, Clare, Adam, and Dave go in the car and head to Adam`s house

Third PlotEdit

Bianca knocks on drew`s door and drew answers

Drew: oh hey bianca

Bianca: can we talk outside for a minute.

Drew: sure is there something wrong

Bianca: i have something really important to tell you and once you hear it i hope you will still wanna be with me.

Drew: oh This sounds serious

Drew: what is it

Bianca: promise you wont freak out

Drew: I promise

Bianca: remember when i said i took a pill.

Drew: you didnt take one

Bianca: im so sorry but thats not the big news

Drew: what is it

Bianca: I`m Pregnet

Main PlotEdit

Eli and Imogen are packing their stuff at their houses

They meet up at the airport

Imogen: Ready to go cutie

Eli: of course beautiful

They both go on the plane and fly off

Sub PlotEdit

Mrs Torres:I am calling the police (she dials the phone)

Police: 911 at your service

Mrs Torres: My son was beat up by a kid name mark fitgerald

Police: we will find him and bring him back to jail again mam

Clare: This is all my fault if i didnt ask him to go on this date this wouldnt of happen

Alli and Adam: its not your fault

Dave: he`s just a big transaphobic bully

Adam: ik but i am happy to have you guys

Third PlotEdit

Drew: you are

Bianca: yea

Drew: r u positive

Bianca: yes i am i already went to a dotor.

Drew: so im gunna be a father

Bianca: suprise

Bianca: please dont leave me

Drew: i wont im all in

Third PlotEdit

'Bianca:' so im not gonna go through this alone

Drew: i will be with you every step of the way

They both smile at eachother and then hug