Jack Fitzgerald is a freshman (Grade 9) at Degrassi. He is the trouble maker brother of Mark Fitzgerald. He is friends with Zig Novak and Issabella Jones. He is dating Sam Mortensin


Character HistoryEdit

In I Gotta Good Feeling Part 2, Fitz rats him out that he took the stuff from Jake`s Wood Suplies he tells Jake and Jenna that he did it, then Mr. Turner comes and takes him away in his car and another cop takes Mark, Jenna, and Jake with him follwing Jack.

In It`s Our Genaration 1, He is in his cell writing in his diary Dear Diary! I hate my life. I hate the people in it that make it worse. If I were to ever to get out of here, the first thing i would do is plan my revenge. I would start with the cop, then Jenna, Jake, and Fitz! I know he is my own brother, but what goes around comes around is what they say now and days! A police officer comes and said he has been bailed When she is with Jack she see`s him writing in his journal shehe see`s two girls in the police office. Katie say`s hi I`m Katie and this is my little sister Maya I am a friend of Mark, he feel`s really bad about turning you in. Jack mumbles out of his cell and thinks in his head Cross off Mark from that list. Ellie a supervisor at the school has to watch him. Ellie or Miss. Nash asks what he is writing, he keeps saying nothing until Ellie finnally took it from him and read it. She talks to him about not killing people and he agrees but not that serious.

In Not a Love Song 1, Jack and Sam partner up for science class then Sam askes him out. Jack says he'll think about it. Later, he tells Sam, to meet him in the Garden. Later, He explains some concerns to Sam but they start a relationship.


Students at Degrassi

Zig Novak, 2012-present, Friend

Sam Mortensin, 2012-present, Girlfriend