This page is a page for people who think they deserve to be an admin.Edit


  • You have to be the User of the month winner at least once
  • You have to have done at least 10 edits to this wiki.
  • You have to have not been Loser at the User of the month page at least 5 times in a row.

What it takesEdit

You have to be 100 percent commited and have to be on 5 days in a row to become a full admin. If you dont come on to this page 5 days in a row and make 3 edits each day you will not become a full admin and I will remove the admin feature on your page.

How to applyEdit

Comment below with your signature and why you think that you should be a admin. I will also give you a test on either writing character historys or writing a plot in the next upcoming episode of my choice.


If you have any more questions ask

Jobs as a AdministratorEdit

Writer-Helps write episodes and character history. (Kinda Rare)

Helper-Helps with getting good Admins and episode names and making pages and adding photos. (Not Rare)

Pulp of this wiki-The Writer and Helper combined into one and also shows true dedication. (Very Rare)