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Winnie Oh is the media immersions teacher and the band instructor. She is dating Sav Bhandari. She has a close bond with Jenna Middleton, Maya Matlin, and Issabella Jones.

Character HistoryEdit

In It`s Our Genaration, She creeps up behind Alli and Dave and scares them she sacrifices herself to save Sav Bhandari her current boyfriend. She starts running but then doesnt get heard of. Sav finds her on the ground shot in the shoulder they take her to the hospital. The doctor say`s that she would be fine and Sav is relived. Sav say`s he loves her and they start kissing in the doctors office. She is seen the next day telling Maya Matlin and Jenna Middleton to let Issabella Jones audition for there band, they agree to.